Our core belief is that truly valuable technologies will emerge, be adopted, and create value for consumers, providers, and investors.
We are:

Investment Philosophy

Anchored in the innovation-value capture model developed by co-founder David Teece, Pilatus focuses on transformative technology with large addressable markets, high barriers to entry, and with the potential for setting standards across the industry. 

We have substantial operational and investment experience, which gives us the ability to look beyond the short-term problems faced by early-stage enterprises, and see their true long-term value. 

We operate as “Super Angel” investors, leveraging our network, operational expertise, and growth management experience to support our portfolio companies to build trust as well as value.

We take favorable and often significant positions but focus on acceptable valuations, capital protection, and enterprise stewardship.


Our investment approach centers on the technology above all. We believe that innovative technology is the fundamental building block upon which businesses are built.

We partner with early-stage enterprises and help them develop and commercialize their high-impact technologies. In doing this we enable our partners to profit from these applied innovations and create global impact.

Our investment philosophy is based on groundbreaking research from Professor David J. Teece on Profiting From Innovation and our operating framework is guided by Dynamic Capabilities, published in his latest book.

Sept. 2021 – Prof. David Teece named a Citation Laureate for pioneering economics research in economics for his pioneering research on entrepreneurship, innovation, and competition.

Jake Miler Interview with David Teece on Capabilities Theory, Entrepreneurship and Innovation.