Our core belief is that technologies that are truly valuable will emerge, be adopted, and create value for consumers, providers, and investors.

We co-operate the enterprises that we invest in—we are nimble and make decisions quickly and support and sometimes temporarily co-manage portfolio companies until they are at a stage where they become self- sufficient. We then help them raise additional capital as an advocate, participant, or lead in subsequent financing rounds.

Pilatus Capital Fund I
Technology Transformation Fund

Investment Verticals


We target companies in early-energy storage and clean fuels, transportation, energy management and cleaner means of producing, distributing, using, and recycling.

Growth Drivers

  • Climate change – impacts are visible
  • ESG investing for public companies
  • Technological innovation & maturity
  • Government policy changes & investments
  • Consumer demand & behavior changes
Life Sciences

We support and fund companies developing life science tools and diagnostics, drugs, and medical devices, as well as digital health.

Growth Drivers

  • Technology innovation (genomics & IT)
  • “Consumerization” of healthcare
  • Gene Therapy
  • Aging Demographics
  • Cost increases
  • Unmet need in major disease research
Retail Tech

We invest in e-commerce, in-store retail tech, new retail formats, supply chain & logistics, and on-demand solutions.

Growth Drivers

  • Digital transformation initiatives
  • Operation efficiency & optimization
  • Experience economy
  • In-store automation
  • Convenience
  • Personalization

What we look for

We invest in companies with solid R&D foundations, groundbreaking technology, protectable IP, and extraordinary commercial potential.

Investment size & stage

We expect to begin with initial commitments of $1-3 million in early-stage companies. We prefer to lead in initial investments and will also prefer to lead follow-on investments with larger check sizes. We are open to co-investing or following when appropriate.


We mainly invest in privately-held companies in the United States but we will also invest in companies located in Europe and Asia-Pacific.

Our Philosophy

Grounded in Silicon Valley, home to the most valued technology companies in the world and the leading innovation and academic cluster globally.