Pilatus management has significant experience commercializing and profiting from innovative technology. A team with complementary skillsets and perspectives allows our portfolio companies to execute at a very high level.

Ben Glenney

Investment and Operations Analyst

Pilatus invests in companies with transformative technology. I believe that Life Sciences and Cleantech offer the potential to change the future for millions of lives around the world. I am thrilled that Pilatus Capital invests in sectors so important to humanity and that I get to play a part in shaping the next wave of innovation. I was taught to leave people/places/things better than you found them, and at Pilatus I have the chance to help spur innovation in industries bearing positive outcomes.

“Working with startups really opened my eyes to the importance of company culture and dedication to the mission. The most successful companies have the right people in place, are fully committed to their goal, and know how to communicate effectively.”

I grew up in Charlotte, N.C. where I first began to develop my curiosity and passion for investing. I went on to study Business Administration with a Finance & Business Economics concentration at the Marshall School of Business at USC, then returned to Charlotte to launch my professional career as an analyst at a Fintech accelerator. We supported founders in fundraising, going to market, and other strategic and operational initiatives. Working with founders helped me to understand and learn how to tackle the daily challenges startups face. I then transitioned into an investment-focused role at the associated VC fund, which helped me to hone the needed skills for venture investing. Those experiences taught me to bring versatility, a desire to learn, and an out-of-the-box perspective to my work.

Pilatus emphasizes innovative technology over all else. Pilatus seeks to invest in groundbreaking technology, knowing they will work closely with portfolio companies to provide strategic and operational support once they are on the cap table. As the venture-funding playbook/paradigm has been largely proven out, adopted, and in some ways de-risked over the last few decades, Pilatus remains committed to their own world view and funding model.


University of Southern California
Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration

Professional Experience

CFV Ventures
Investment Analyst

RevTech Labs
Business Analyst