Asset management is first and foremost about customer service.

Claire Liou

Marketing & Fund Operations

Effective investor communication in a key ingredient in managing a successful fund operation. In addition to providing investors across the world with institutional grade investment products, a top priority of any asset manager should be to educate investors on how to best achieve adequate risk-adjusted portfolio returns and comply with the complexity of financial regulations.

"I am delighted to be working on Pilatus Capital’s unique concept of a 'Super Angel Fund'. The best ideas begin with talented and accomplished founders, but an effective team environment is vital to commercialize these ideas. My enthusiasm, my background, and my more than 15 years of experience in fund management, place me in the perfect position to provide the necessary support for the Pilatus team."

Being different can be your biggest strength. I grew up as a second-generation immigrant in Seattle – an area with few people like me. Constantly having to make sense of the world around me gave rise to a fiery curiosity and a deeply analytical mind. I had a great balance of academics, music, and sports when growing up, but always approached everything with the same question – “why?” This drove me to later focus my study on analytical frameworks in economic research and quantitative finance at university, so I could apply these skills to solving real-life problems.

The competitiveness of Wall Street brings out the best in you. My intensive training in proprietary trading at investment banks and hedge funds taught me how to build and apply a rigorous risk management policy when managing an investment portfolio. The dynamics of fast-moving secondary markets across various asset classes allowed me to build a toolbox for when market conditions become challenging. These experiences gave me insights into how companies perform in different economic cycles.

Emerging markets provide both new opportunities and obstacles. Moving to Asia gave me clear vision of a truly global market; one in which I learned to operate efficiently, despite its increasing complexity and fast-changing regulations. I saw an opportunity in servicing the increasing demand of Asian institutional and high-net-worth clients for a diversified range of niche investment products and succeeded in transitioning from a front-line portfolio management position to a COO with a client relationship role.

Seeking new experiences results in acquiring new skills. By partnering with an Asian family office to establish a boutique asset management platform, I was given the opportunity to fulfill an entrepreneurial dream of creating my own fund products. I gained valuable insights and knowhow in many areas, from formulating investment strategies, to fund operations and capital raising.


University of Chicago, Booth School of Business
MBA, Quantitative Finance

Fordham University
MA, Economics

Cornell University
BS, Hotel Administration

Professional Experience

TCG Asset Management
Co-Founder / CEO

Vontobel Asset Management (APAC)
Director of Alternative Investments

Vision Investment Management
Senior Vice President – Distribution and Client Relationship

Proxima Alfa Investment
Senior Portfolio Manager

Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Assistant Economist