We focus upon long-term value creation that not only produces substantial returns, but is a benefit to society.

Joe Bohling

Managing Partner & Chief Investor Relations Officer

I like to say you’re only as good as those you surround yourself with and we have truly surrounded ourselves with the best and brightest here at Pilatus. Pilatus Capital takes an old-fashioned approach, believing that values, relationships, and long-term thinking are key to driving and delivering extraordinary returns for both PortCo leadership teams and investors.

We build requisite dynamic capabilities to ensure long-term sustained competitive advantage for all of our stakeholders. Our Pilatus portfolio companies will do well because our world-class team of GPs are exceptional in their fields. Many are world-renowned leaders/executives in academia, business, consulting, and the venture capital and private equity industries.

"I have expertise in building dynamic capabilities and global ecosystem networks. With this I bring an adept ability in building trusted professional relationships with clients and investors. This allows me to add significant value to both Pilatus’s portfolio companies’ leadership teams and investors seeking holistic ongoing prosperity for themselves, their families and their companies."

David Teece’s Dynamic Capabilities framework of perpetually Sensing, Seizing and Transforming is critical for success now more than ever. The world has changed in dramatic fashion in the last decade with major headwinds of the global pandemic, technological disruption, and geopolitical and economic unrest. The global marketplace faces a perfect storm of Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity (VUCA). In this VUCA world, we must turn to strategic financial and human capital investment methodology to build the “right capabilities” to enable organizations and executives to sustain competitive advantage.

My expertise is in business development, strategy implementation, and executive coaching, with a focus on building dynamic capabilities and global ecosystem networks. I focus on developing deep and trusting professional relationships with clients and investors. This allows me to add significant value to both Pilatus’s portfolio companies’ leadership teams seeking to sustain competitive advantage and investors seeking ongoing holistic prosperity. The business strategy and advisory work that Professor Teece and I lead at BRG introduced me to numerous UHNW global clients and executives seeking assistance to diversify their businesses, holdings, and assets in U.S.-based high-tech and bioscience companies.

Short-termism has saturated the public markets. Meeting quarterly targets at whatever cost damages the long-term value and the life expectancy of most publicly traded companies, while exacerbating the chasm between those with much and those with little. The value of VC firms like ours, that focus upon long-term value creation with game-changing technologies in industries with positive societal impact, allows both investors and extraordinary founders an alternative place to invest capital, time, and energy. The results are not only substantial returns, but great benefits to society—to not only “do well but do good!”

I’m a man of strong faith. I believe I’m here to make a positive difference in the world by helping those I serve and advise. I also believe that having perseverance and purpose is critical to success both personally and professionally. I live each day joyfully fulfilling my purpose and I know that having a strong work ethic and the perseverance to endure life’s ups and downs is often the difference between a life of mediocrity and one fully lived.


University of Colorado Law School
Juris Doctor

Colorado State University
BA with a double major in Speech Communication and History

Professional Experience

Berkeley Research Group
Managing Director and Member/Owner

Health Transformation Institute
(A subsidiary of Berkeley Research Group)
President and Co-Founder

The Legacy Academy
(A division of Berkeley Research Group)

Aflac Inc.
Chief Human Resources Officer

Fairfield and Woods, P.C.
Complex Commercial Litigator

Colorado State University Alumni Association
President, Executive Committee and Member of the Board of Directors